19 augusti 2011

Blottad och skyddad på samma gång

"I'm attracted by Giorgione's (and Titian's) figures in ways slightly different from how classical figures attract attention (Botticelli). Classical figures don't suggest Intimacy (of being exposed and at the same time being protected) because they are idealized and Idealized bodies stay aloof of furnished rooms like all ideas are. If I stumble because of being lost in thinking, my thought doesn't stumble with me (no brushing away of dirt from a thought).
Intimacy is different, affording ricochette attention (I notice something else than what I was expected to see) bouncing around the scene. Not even Titian's Charles V on horseback musters his own idealized grandeur in that spooky scenery."

– Thomas Hård (Spoonfiles)

being exposed and at the same time being protected...! En så oerhört fin formulering av den känsla som kan strömma mot en vid konstens intima ögonblick.

(Bör nämnas att hr Hård använder andra målningar i sitt inlägg).

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